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Handcuffs are part of the private investigation work - © Bill Oxford / Unsplash

Handcuffs are part of the private investigation work - © Bill Oxford / Unsplash Licence

Private Investigators in the United States of America have a wide field of action. In many other countries around the world, you would call them "private detectives", but not so in the USA. Because a Detective in den USA is part of the police force. The work of a private investigator in the USA - from California to New York City - is very diverse. This is why many of the private investigators in the USA have specialized on different topics. Some of them are great in the field of child custody or cheating spouses. Other private investigators in the USA do a great job in pre-employment checks. But also forensics and it is a huge topic of the private investigation business in the USA. The work of a private investigator and investigation companies has changed is the last few years. As in other branches, the private investigation business is also more about computers and the internet. So many private investigators who offer their special services in finding missing persons or trying to find insurance fraud, the internet, and also social media became a workspace for private investigators.

Check out our private investigators in the United States and see what they can offer. If you hire a private investigator see their profiles on our website. Many of them offer free initial consultations. Of course, you do not get valuable information in this initial consultation to solve your case, but you can make your case to the private investigator. Sure he will even be able to tell you if an investigation is useful for your situation. Private investigators do not need to attend a special education, but nevertheless there are special educations for private investigators in the USA. What they really need is a license and this license has a number. You will find this number in most cases on the website of the private investigator or at least when you get to know him. Be sure always to hire a private investigator with a valid license in your area.

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