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Private detectives and economic investigation companys in Germany offer a great variety of detective services. Starting from services for private persons like the observation of their kids or their husband and wife to clarifying criminal cases, there are many people in Germany using the service of a private detective. If you are a company and want to know more about your clients, providers or your staff, you can also hire a private detective or an economic investigation company.

Defend your company from disconnections and interference from the competition. Protect your company's secrets. Let employees who are often ill be monitored to see if they are cheating you. In all regions, you will find private detectives and economic detectives in Germany. Whether you need an economic investigation in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden or Cologne, you will find it here. Some detectives also offer bodyguard services for prominent personalities, politicians or entrepreneurs. In the private sphere, you can also hire a private investigator in Germany to check the environment of your children.

Some detectives in Germany also offer services for landlords of apartments and houses. It is often possible to determine whether tenants illegally pass on an apartment. Whether the tenants offer an apartment unauthorized through various websites for sub-letting, a private investigator can also find for you.

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